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Statutory Adjudication under the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 is now over 10 years old.  It has certainly been a roller coaster ride with some interesting twists and turns as the courts grappled to decide what this thing was.

Chadwick LJ in Carillion Construction Ltd v Devenport Royal Dockyard Ltd (CA) (2005) [2006] BLR 15 summed up the policy of adjudication by stating:

The need to have the "right" answer has been subordinated to the need to have an answer quickly. The scheme was not enacted in order to provide definitive answers to complex questions.” 

Having said that parties hope and expect that their adjudicator will get as close as possible to the right answer in the time available and therefore there is a growing tendency to select adjudicators rather than trusting to the luck of the draw.  As a dual qualified adjudicator with 29 years experience from joiner, quantity surveyor and practicing barrister who has recently been through the RICS reselection process I consider I am well placed to achieve the right answer on the material before me quickly.

I am a panel adjudicator for RICS, CIOB, CEDR, TECBAR and CIC.  I regularly sit as an adjudicator on disputes from a few thousand pounds to multi million pound disputes involving complex legal issues. 

For more information, a c.v. or to discuss any specific issues:

Email: commercial@no5.com

Tel:      +44  (0)870 203 5555


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