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Mediation has since the early 1990's been growing in its use and reputation in the UK.  Mediation is a consensual process of dispute resolution whereby the parties to a dispute resolve the dispute themselves with the assistance of a neutral called a mediator.  The role of the mediator is to help the parties reach a settlement by a series of meetings and shuttle diplomacy.  The beauty of Mediation is that the parties have control of their settlement so they can preserve working relationships and create settlements to suit their needs.  The use of mediation has accelerated with the introduction of court annexed mediation.

I am a Registered Mediator, which means that not only am I qualified in the technique of mediation but I am monitored to demonstrate that I am regularly involved in the process.   I was trained by CEDR and am Registered by them.  I am a member of the Association of Midland Mediators and ADR Chambers an international body of lawyer mediators.  I am also on the CI Arb, RICS and TECBAR mediation panels

For more information, a c.v. or to discuss any specific issues:

Email: commercial@no5.com

Tel:      +44  (0)870 203 5555


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